Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doctor appointments!

Yesterday was a doctor appointment for me and Kevin! I took Kevin to work yesterday morning and went straight to Dr. Miller's office (my appt was at 9:15). I got a Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha Frappachino on the way there...I was about to fall asleep! I did not sleep well on Sunday night AT ALL. I kept tossing and turning...couldn't find a comfy spot. I have chronic back pain and migraines, but the medication I've been on in the past is not safe for pregnancy so this is one thing I have to deal with. Dr. Martin had written me a prescription for a muscle relaxer that is perfectly safe to use in pregnancy, but I had run out of it about 3 weeks ago and although I had a refill, I thought I was doing well. BIG MISTAKE! So yesterday I talked to Dr. Miller about it and she suggested that I also get a maternity belt to help support my tummy and my lower back...I wore it yesterday and it really seemed to help with the lower back pain and the round ligament pain I've been having. I also got the muscle relaxer refilled yesterday, so I actually got some sleep last night! Kevin had bought me a gift certificate for a massage on Valentine's Day, so I just got home from that and I am feeling much better! :)

Anyway....back to the Dr. appt.... My blood pressure is still great, and everything looks perfect! Her heartbeat was 146 bpm and she kicked the ultrasound doppler that was listening to her heartbeat 3 times! :) She's a fiesty one already :) Susan, the nurse, measured my uterus and Adalynn is growing perfectly...she is right on target for as many weeks along as she is. I have gained a total of 15 POUNDS!! ACK!! I made a face when Dr. Miller told me how much I've gained and she said that is perfect! She said just to keep eating healthy and the weight will follow....I decided that if she's not worried about it I won't be. But Curves can look forward to seeing me come late August or early September!!

Okay, on to Kevin's Dr. appt! He is doing well with his Physical Therapy, Dr. Mattox does not want him to take up any more of his approved visits before the surgery, so he wants Kevin to focus on his PT @ home. Dr. Mattox relieved some of Kevin's fears about the surgery, about going under general anesthesia. I was glad that Dr. Mattox made Kevin feel better. Dr Mattox said he would scope Kevin's knee to repair or clean up the meniscus, depending on what he finds when he gets in there. Then he will make a 1-2 inch long incision on the inside of Kevin's knee, from which he will take the graft from the hamstring and be able to repair the ACL from there. He really feels that Kevin will have a faster recovery from this technique, and be in less post-op pain than from the bone-patella-bone graft. So....on to May 4th!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lads to Leaders and 22 week pic!

This past weekend we went to Lads to Leaders in Atlanta! We had a wonderful time! I was so proud of all of the kids! (Especially my girls....I have to brag!!) Here are some pics of my girls with their trophies and a picture of Kevin with his friend Matt (from Griffies Grins and Giggles). There is also a picture of me @ 22 weeks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Kevin's knee

We had our MD visit today with Dr. Mattox and found out that Kevin tore his ACL completely in two (we could see half of it laying on the bottom of his knee joint on the MRI) and he also tore his meniscus (cartilage that cushions the knee joint). You could see on the MRI bleeding coming from the cartilage, so Dr. Mattox thinks that is causing a lot of Kevin's pain. He has a HUGE pocket of fluid in his knee joint still....so hopefully some of that will start to dissipate soon. He has also severely bruised the tibia and fibula and femur. Long story short, Dr. Mattox wants Kevin to go to Physical Therapy(PT) 2x/week for the next two weeks and see him again in 2 weeks (April 20th @ 3 pm) and we set his surgery date for Monday, May 4th. We will call the Friday before the surgery and do his "pre-op" over the phone and find out what time we need to be there Monday.

Yes, Kevin will be going to PT before and after the surgery. Dr. Mattox says that this shortens recovery time and prepares his muscles for the road ahead. He wants him to have almost complete range of motion (ROM) before he has the surgery so that he can get his ROM back quickly. Dr. Mattox said that @ Kevin's next appt he expects Kevin to walk in without crutches (but with the brace) and be able to bend his knee 90 degrees and do some straight leg raises! Pray for him (and for me as I support him) as he works on the PT! I'm sure @ the next appt we will set more PT appointments.

Kevin's surgery will be @ Montgomery Surgical Center. I am pleased about this because I really feel that it is the best place for Kevin to be as far as new equipment, anesthesia personnel etc is concerned.

At the next appt we will be discussing the surgery in its entirity - what incisions will be made where....how he will repair everything etc....so I will post all the gorey details for you after that! In the meantime, I am going to include a diagram or two of knee anatomy here for you to be able to see exactly what we are talking about that Kevin damaged.

Okay, for some reason I cannot write in between the three images....I will summarize them here. The first one shows the knee in it's entirety. This one mainly shows the bones that Kevin bruised. The second one shows the ACL although it is not labeled. It is the white ligament beneath the knee cap that goes from left to right. This one also shows the lateral meniscus and medial meniscus. The tear on the meniscus is in between these two. The third diagram shows the ACL and all meniscus labeled.

Bedding for Adalynn!

I purchased Adalynn's crib bedding today! I know, I know...maybe I shouldn't be buying all of this, but I figure that these are things I won't get from showers....so here's the latest (and hopefully last) purchase. It's so cute!!!!

You can double click on the picture to bring it up bigger if you'd like... and Nancy, I got this off of babysupermall.com. It is called Lulu and it is made by Sweet Potato (a division of Glenna Jean).

I really wanted her room to be something different...NO PINK! and none of the things that you see in the stores all the time, so I think this accomplished my goal! Kevin and I like the fact that it isn't "babyish" and will be able to be used to accent her room for years to come! I am so excited about pulling her nursery together! Once the bedding is in we can pick out paint colors! I think that mom and I are going to paint the flowers on the walls too :).

For those who were interested, I bought Adalynn's diaper bag off of diaperbagboutique.com for a pretty good price, and free shipping- no tax! (Thanks for the tip, Nancy!)

I promise to get a 21 week pic up here in the next few days. I have to charge my camera....and as you know, our life has been busy with Kevin's knee....I'm posting next on that. I promise, promise, promise to have one up by Wednesday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diaper Bag!

I have purchased a diaper bag for Adalynn! I'm so excited! I found these in "Cute as a Button" and decided I'd see if I could find one for cheaper....and try to find one that could be used for a boy as well. These are coated inside and out with laminate so they are wipe and go! Check it out!

This style is called "Seaside" and it is made by Kalencom! Love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kevin's knee

Here are some pics I took of Kevin's knee! Enjoy!!

Comparison of the two: if you'd seen it before you would be impressed by how much the swelling has gone DOWN!
The bruise that has developed since the injury. If you notice on the calf muscle it is still light purple. Also, behind the knee where the blood collected in the fold of the skin...and the rest of the leg is yellow! Isn't it pretty!

Front view: you can see the bruise on the side of the calf.

Pregnancy Ticker!