Thursday, July 23, 2009


So...I just got back from Dr. Miller's office...everything is looking good- Adalynn is happy- her heartrate is great and her valves sound beautiful :) She has dropped some!! Yay! My blood pressure is running about the same as it was last week, and I've been checking it daily and it has not been crazy high. Dr. Miller was okay with what my BP had been through the week. She said that she does not want me to go past 39 weeks since my BP has been slightly elevated. She doesn't want me to end up getting sick and not be able to enjoy our baby- not to mention that she just doesn't want me to get sick and put mine and Adalynn's health in jeopardy. So....Kevin and I have 3 dates to choose from...August 5,6, or 10th! Ack! How do you choose the day your baby will potentially be born?? I mean, this is a day she will be stuck with for the rest of her life! I will update later when we have chosen a date! :)


Jenny said...

Not much longer! So exciting!!!

Haley said...

you could always put the dates in a hat and draw one.... that way its still kinda random! :)

Nancy said...

I vote for Haley's method! That way, you can still pray for God's Hand to be involved :)

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